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Humidity control prevents electrical faults

Moisture and electricity have never been a good combination. High levels of moisture in the air humidity can, for example, result in faults in both electrical installations and sensitive sensitive electronics.

This is particularly problematic in installations such as wind turbines, military vehicles, aircraft, ships and water processing facilities. Such problems normally stem from:

  • Corrosion in components and soldered connections
  • Short-circuits caused by condensation
  • Flashovers and current leakages.

Keeping the surroundings dry helps prevent operating glitches in a wide range of electrical systems, as well as preventing their long-term deterioration. This can be done most effectively and inexpensively with adsorption dehumidifier equipment, which as the added advantage of using only a minimum of energy.

Affected by electrical faults caused by moisture?

Call us for a constructive, no-obligation dialogue about how best to solve your problems with electrical faults that stem from the presence of moisture in the air.

A good example

Keeping your premises and products dry and free of moisture makes good business sense.

As an example, a waterworks facility was confronted with problems caused by condensation on pipes and containers. A Cotes adsorption dehumidifier was installed to remove the moisture present in the air, thereby preventing the formation of condensation. There were also big savings in maintenance costs because the weekly visits by an electrician to tackle recurring electrical faults were suddenly no longer necessary.


The Cotes dehumidifier had ensured a constant humidity in the entire building, not only solving the condensation problem, but also keeping the electrical installations dry and moisture-free. For this reason, the problem of recurring moisture damage in the electrical installations was solved as well.


Fed up with electrical faults?

Cotes supplies a comprehensive range of adsorption dehumidifier solutions, backed by solid long-term experience from thousands of installations in all sorts of facilities.

Wed be pleased to assist you in the planning phase and also to share our knowledge and experience with you, to make sure of finding the best possible solution to your particular requirements.


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