About Cotes

We control humidity
— so you can control everything else

Cotes is in business to apply our unique expertise about all aspects of humidity management based on adsorption technology, and to put this know-how to work ensuring that our customers derive maximum benefit from controlling levels of moisture in the air.

Effective humidity management provides a wealth of practical, financial and energy-saving benefits, as well as a degree of control over operating conditions that is often crucial for future profitability. When our customers contact us, we are determined to be as open, forthright and helpful as possible in helping them achieve such control.

What makes Cotes special?

We’re experts

Cotes delivers superbly engineered, high-quality adsorption dehumidification solutions that are the most effective and reliable in the world. But basically it’s all about know-how.

Know-how and experience

Everything we do is based on specialist know-how, years of practical experience and constant research into the consequences of uncontrolled humidity. Everything we deliver stems from expert use of the basic laws of physics to tackle humidity problems and introduce unprecedented new profit-boosting benefits.

Proven reliability

You can rely on Cotes adsorption dehumidification solutions to work exactly as intended — and to keep on working for a very long time. And you can rely on Cotes experts for practical help and clear answers, whenever you’re faced with a humidity problem.

Focus on results

We aim to supply exactly the right dehumidifier to meet your particular requirements — no larger and no smaller than needed. We focus on helping you get the results you’re looking for. We aim to provide the most technically effective and energy-efficient solution for the best price. This ensures you the best possible return on investment, as well as peace of mind about having made the best decision.