Announcing a completely new standard for energy savings in dry room operations

Setting the new standard for low energy consumption in dry room operations

Based on a unique setup, Cotes dehumidification solutions for the dry rooms at the heart of lithium-ion battery manufacturing combine an exceptionally low dew point (in some cases as low as -85°C) with savings on energy of as much as 50% compared to conventional solutions.


”Save more than 71% of the energy costs normally associated with the drying process in your lithium-Ion battery manufacturing setup.”


The place to go

Cotes experts will be at stand 672 in Hall 1 at the Mess Centre at Stuttgart, Germany on 7–9 May 2019 to explain how Cotes adsorption dehumidification technology helps companies engaged in both R&D and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries the extremely restrictive humidity standardsessential for safe, consistent-quality production.

The event is attended by 450+ manufacturers and service providers from throughout the battery industry, showcasing thousands of design, production and manufacturing solutions.

As the organisers explain, The Battery Show Europe provides an unparalleled opportunity to source the latest design, production, and manufacturing solutions from across the battery supply chain, including battery systems, materials, components, testing, and recycling.


Specialist know-how

Cotes is a world leader in precision humidity management technology, with 30+ years’ experience in meeting the specialist needs of battery manufacturing operations.

The safe manufacture of lithium-ion batteries must take place in a relative humidity of less than 1% because of the delicate chemistry involved. If not, issues like these often arise:


  • Lithium reacts easily with any water vapour present, forming dangerous combinations of lithium hydroxide, hydrogen and heat
  • Exposing lithium to humidity levels above 1% impacts battery quality, performance and shelf life
  • Energy expended to control humidity results in high operating costs and affects profit margins
  • Any humidity irregularities can affect your production and output
  • Service and maintenance costs increase


Confidential first peek, or a confidential meeting?

Everyone attending this high-profile event will, of course be busy checking out a lot of stands – and probably keeping an eye on each other, too.

If you’d like to make it easier and would prefer to set up an exclusive face-to-face with our CEO (Thomas Rønnow) or our Technical Sales Manager (Jesper Lund Jørgensen), we suggest you drop us a note at  [email protected] to schedule a meeting.

If you’re interested in a “sneak peek” preview of this Cotes humidity management breakthrough, prior to a Stuttgart meeting, please get directly in touch with Jesper Lund Jørgensen at +45 5167 2910 or [email protected].