Big Cotes presence at WindEnergy Hamburg

Where wind turbine industry experts meet

The Global Wind Summit being held in Hamburg, Germany, later this month is the biggest meeting of wind industry movers and shakers anywhere in the world. And probably the most important, too.

It combines the world’s leading expo for wind energy – WindEnergy Hamburg – and the WindEurope global conference as a high-level platform for business, networking and specialist know-how sharing, all focused exclusively on onshore and offshore wind energy technologies and capabilities. These two events take place side by side on 25–28 September.

New product – for retrofitting and re-lifing older wind turbines

WindEnergy Hamburg will also be the venue for presenting a completely new Cotes system, for a completely new market.

The CWO26 is basically a reduced-size version of the patented Cotes Wind Overpressure System (CWO) system, specially designed for retrofitting into existing wind turbines – typically after about ten years of service.

CWO26s can either replace old, worn-out dehumidifiers that are no longer effective, or provide existing wind turbines that never benefited from such equipment with effective protection against the corrosive effects of airborne moisture and salts.

This significantly extends their service life, and introduces a whole new dimension into cost/revenue projections for legacy wind turbine installations.

The CWO advantage

Cotes dehumidification technology makes wind turbines – both offshore and onshore – a better investment by protecting them against the corrosive effects of airborne moisture and salts.

The CWO dehumidifier system ensures a dry, salt-free environment inside the nacelles and towers. This reduces manufacturing and anti-corrosion costs, reduces downtime, prolongs their service life and ensures a better return on investment.

Where we’ll be

Cotes will be at Stand EG.207 on the ground floor of Hall B1 at WindEnergy Hamburg.

We’ll actually be exhibiting along with the Danish Wind Export Association, as part of a much larger setup highlighting wind energy solutions from Danish suppliers.


What we’ll be showing

We’ll be making a big splash with the Cotes Wind Overpressure System (CWO), which we will demonstrate by creating offshore conditions directly on the stand.

We’ll also be revealing the new CWO26 dehumidifier, specially configured for replacing existing dehumidifiers in older wind turbines.

We will also be showing the special Cotes CR80B dehumidifier solution for protecting wind turbine nacelles, towers and blades against condensation and corrosion during storage and transport.


Exclusive info about the brand-new CWO26

The CWO26 is completely new, and we haven’t yet published anything about it.

If you’d like a preliminary briefing, or would like to set up a special – perhaps confidential – meeting with our CEO Thomas Rønnow and/or Key Account Manager – Wind Turbines Mikael Zacho Jensen, please contact them here


Info about Cotes CWO solutions

There’s more information about the Cotes Wind Overpressure system here

There’s also a short film explaining how the Cotes Wind Overpressure system works here


Cotes protection for offshore and onshore wind turbines

There’s a comprehensive brochure about Cotes solutions for offshore and onshore wind turbines here

There’s also a brochure here that focuses on managing air conditions inside offshore wind turbines.


Info about WindEnergy Hamburg

25–28 September 2018

WindEnergy Hamburg

Messeplatz 1

20357 Hamburg

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