Big data making wind turbines better

Digitalisation and big data – the benefits

We’re pleased to announce that our CEO Thomas Rønnow has been invited as a panel speaker at the Wind Energy Denmark event on 3 October 2017 in Herning Denmark, focusing on how digitalisation and big data can help create new business models in the wind turbine industry.

We’re proud to be asked to participate. As Thomas Rønnow points out, “harvesting data from wind turbine operations can provide Cotes – and our customers – with a world of new opportunities for improving our humidity management capabilities, and for ways we can help tailor our products and services to customer requirements as these change and develop.”

Better numbers, better conditions

Crunching the numbers from big data gives both us and our customers – the wind turbine manufacturers of the world – better info about exactly how humidity, mould growths, corrosion and equipment breakdowns interact. And better info about what can be done to prevent such issues and optimise wind turbine operations.

Constant monitoring and feedback will help manufacturers and Cotes collaborate on optimise operating conditions, boost reliability and uptime and reduce energy consumption.

Streamlining access to know-how

Here at Cotes, we’ve long been working on more effective digitalisation of our technical calculating and order processes, with the aim of giving customers direct access to calculations about how Cotes dehumidifier solutions can benefit their operations, and also to more agile, responsive customer service.

Digitalisation is also opening up new opportunities for introducing industrial robots into Cotes production and assembly setups in Denmark and Poland, as well as new channels for sourcing specialist skills from all over the world.

Come and hear more

We’d like to invite Cotes customers, suppliers and business partners from the wind turbine industry to attend this interesting panel session on the Vestas stage at 14.45–16.00.

You’ll be able to hear more about how data from wind turbine operations can help us


  • Reduce corrosion classifications and corrosion protection costs
  • Identify exact causes of problems linked to humidity and corrosion
  • Extend the service life of electronics and key equipment

and much more.


Rapid action, fewer problems

“If we had the right data available, we’d be able to detect problems such as unclosed hatches and doors, broken gaskets and covers. Then we’d also be able to give early warning about problems with breakdowns, corrosion and mould.”