Cut out the sticky stuff

Controlling humidity in confectionery manufacturing Manufacturing confectionery products – in all their infinite variety of shapes, textures, formats and taste – can be a seriously sticky business. Most confectionery products don’t react at all well to the presence of uncontrolled airborne moisture. Moisture gives all kinds of trouble when it comes into contact with sugar […]

Cotes award-nominated for outstanding export success

2017 PwC Export Award Danish-based PricewaterhouseCoopers are experts in accountancy, auditing and taxation, making them uniquely positioned to monitor export successes and commercial profiles. Three companies have been nominated for the 2017 PwC Export Award in Slagelse Municipality, and we’re proud to say Cotes is one of them.   Tough criteria The criteria for nominee […]

Hervorragende Produkte, schwierige Bedingungen – Hindernisse in Brauereien

Finden Sie Ihre Lösung für Feuchtigkeitsprobleme Bierbrauen ist ein komplexer Prozess und stellt häufig eine besonderen Mischung aus Altem und Neuem, Traditionellem und Technischem dar. Bei einigen der verschiedenen Brauprozessen entstehen hohe Temperaturen und viel Luftfeuchtigkeit. Bei vielen anderen sind die Temperaturen notwendigerweise gering. Die Kombination aus hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit und vielen kalten Oberflächen, wie Rohranlagen, […]

Great products, difficult conditions – the brewery conundrum

Calculate your way out of humidity problems Brewing is a complex process that often involves unusual mixes of old and new, traditional and technological. In many of the processes used in brewing, temperatures and humidity levels are high. And in many others temperatures are necessarily low. Such combinations of lots of airborne moisture and lots […]

Key Account Manager, International OEM sales

Cotes A/S in Slagelse or Aarhus, Denmark We work for and believe in the green transition, we care about the environment and we’re well aware that our products are important for the energy of the future. Cotes develops and manufactures adsorption dehumidifiers, and we’re world champions at thinking our products into new contexts with big […]

Big data making wind turbines better

Digitalisation and big data – the benefits We’re pleased to announce that our CEO Thomas Rønnow has been invited as a panel speaker at the Wind Energy Denmark event on 3 October 2017 in Herning Denmark, focusing on how digitalisation and big data can help create new business models in the wind turbine industry. We’re […]

Cotes protecting wind turbines against humidity at Hi Tech & Industry trade fair in Herning, Denmark

Cotes will exhibiting at the Wind Energy Denmark event in Herning, Denmark on 2–3 October, displaying energy-efficient dehumidifier systems that’re ideal for tackling humidity-related problems in both offshore and onshore wind turbines.   People meeting people The Wind Energy Denmark expo event for wind industry specialists on 2–3 October is part of the considerably larger, […]

Danish Energy Minister on a fact-finding visit to Cotes

On 14 September 2017, Danish Minister of Energy and Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt visited the Cotes assembly facility in Slagelse to see what we’re up to with new energy-saving technology solutions and with helping wind turbine manufacturers boost their competitiveness.

Cotes technology demonstration at Drinktec in Munich

Cotes will be at Drinktec in Munich, Germany on 11–15 September, raring to show off energy-efficient dehumidifier systems that’re ideal for tackling humidity-related problems in breweries Meeting the movers and shakers The Drinktec trade fair in Germany bills itself as the world’s leading event for the movers and shakers in the beverage industry, and therefore […]

Creating top hygienic conditions for food processing is not that complicated at all

Cotes exhibit at ProPak asia 14-17 June 2017 When processing food, drinks and pharmaceutical products, a high level of hygiene should always be a top priority. By controlling the humidity surrounding the product through the value chain stages, companies can bring one of the main factors that causes bacterial growth, to a minimum level. At […]