Cotes award-nominated for outstanding export success

2017 PwC Export Award

Danish-based PricewaterhouseCoopers are experts in accountancy, auditing and taxation, making them uniquely positioned to monitor export successes and commercial profiles.

Three companies have been nominated for the 2017 PwC Export Award in Slagelse Municipality, and we’re proud to say Cotes is one of them.


Tough criteria

The criteria for nominee selection are multiple, but among the most significant are that each company must have

  • Registered significant, ongoing growth in its exports over the last three years
  • Achieved success in a particularly difficult export market
  • Made a special effort to promote Denmark’s reputation abroad as a supplier of goods and services
  • Established a particularly prominent position on the world market.

The awards ceremony will be held at Slagelse Erhvervscenter on 3 November 2017, attended by local dignitaries and members of the business community.


More information

More information about the 2017 PwC Export Award is here, and if you’d like to know more about Cotes participation please contact Mads Nicolai Christensen on +45 5167 2902 or at [email protected].