Cotes dehumidification experts ready to share know-how at WindEurope Offshore 2019

Movers and shakers in offshore wind energy meet in Copenhagen

The WindEurope Offshore 2019 trade show set to take place in Copenhagen Denmark on 26–28 November is the go-to Scandinavian event for those keen to check out the latest technical solutions, breaking-out technologies and new “players” as well as keeping an eye on who’s up to what – and with whom – in the wonderful world of offshore wind.

Denmark is the world leader in wind energy penetration, with wind energy producing enough electricity to cover 44% of the country’s consumption in 2018. And many of the big names in western wind turbine manufacture started in Denmark before going global, and as a result the country has a strong industrial tradition associated with wind turbine excellence and effective wind farm operations.

As a result, this bi-annual event has become a key venue for meetings and get-togethers – formal and otherwise – involving experts, movers and shakers, and decision-makers in the planning, manufacture, marketing and financing of wind energy technologies and capabilities. This will prove vital as part of Paris Agreement compliance and the necessary transition to a post-carbon economy.

Tackling humidity-related issues and opportunities

Cotes experts will be at stand C3-B41 in the big Danish pavilion to explain how Cotes adsorption dehumidification technology helps our customers get seriously preventive about tackling humidity-related problems with condensation, corrosion and mould inside wind turbine nacelles and towers – and dangerous working environments that can result from these.

These “background” problems often don’t get talked about much. But uncontrolled humidity means airborne moisture condenses and pools on cold surfaces, equipment and structures. This can cause corrosion and other damage as well as difficult-to-combat mould growths that give rise to a wide range of health-and-safety issues that are often spectacularly difficult and expensive to deal with in offshore installations.

Prevention and latest-generation capabilities

Prevention is so much better than cure, enabling wind farm operators to concentrate on what they’re best at. Cotes market-leader humidity management solutions make sure humidity-related problems don’t even arise, focusing on prevention and risk reduction rather than patching up situations once a problem has already taken hold.

We aim to protect wind turbines against mould and corrosion and be a trustworthy specialist partner for wind turbine manufacturers, operators and investors – all the way from design stages to offshore operation, to whole-life service and to future upgrades and technology insertion opportunities. That’s why offshore wind energy operations all over the world use Cotes dehumidification technology to tackle such practical, cost-heavy problems effectively.

Talk to Cotes experts

We’ll have a Cotes Wind CR80 transportation unit on display, as well as demonstrating our ongoing development project for off-grid protection of TPs and other equipment (code-named “Agent Cooper ”).
All the key people from the Cotes Sales and R&D teams will be manning the Cotes stand each day.

If you’d like to book a confidential meeting about the best way to deal with humidity-related issues – big or small – in your particular design, project or wind farm, or would like to arrange a get-together at a specific time, please contact CEO Thomas Rønnow on +45 2294 3318 or [email protected]