Small light and Robust

The Cotes Mobile range of adsorption dehumidifiers consists of five small, lightweight, energy-efficient models specially designed to help users tackle smaller-scale, temporary requirements involving air drying capacities of between 120 m3/hour and 400 m3/hour.

Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers use a single ventilator for both process air and regeneration air, making them extremely compact.

These units are also specially designed to be robust, and to withstand the knocks and rough treatment often associated with lifting, moving and stacking transportable dehumidifiers. The often also match small-scale humidity management requirements in stationary and permanent installation.

Ideal for use in

  • Aircraft, vehicles and boats
  • Equipment rental services
  • Building, construction and renovation
  • Recovery and repair after flooding and water damage
  • Waterworks and pumping stations
  • Small-scale dry storage
  • Ad hoc/quick-fix dehumidification requirements

Where to use them

The range of compact lightweight dehumidifiers is ideal for the controlled drying-out of buildings and structures under construction as well as bringing moisture levels under control after flooding and in water-damage buildings.

They are also ideal for bringing humidity under control in individual rooms, in smaller-scale dry storage facilities and in waterworks and pumping stations.


Cotes Mobile dehumidifiers can be connected to all Cotes sensors and humidity control systems. The choice depends on the specifics of the customer’s dehumidification requirements, and the degree of operating accuracy needed.