Cotes off-grid protection for offshore transition pieces gets official recognition – and funding.

Recognition and funding for off-grid transition piece protection

On 6 June 2019, Cotes received official confirmation that Innovation Fund Denmark has agreed to fund Project COOPER. Project COOPER is our in-house name for a breakthrough solution that we’re developing to protect the bases of offshore wind turbines from the corrosive effects of salt-laden airborne moisture, in situations where power is not yet linked up, or not available – for whatever reason.

We are, of course, extremely grateful – and proud – that Cotes development efforts have received such high-level official recognition for this patent pending solution. And that this recognition is accompanied by a solid injection of funds that will help us move forward even faster with this innovation project, and also speed up commercial implementation.


Project COOPER – the off-grid answer

Project COOPER is a unique way to help offshore wind farms keep newly installed transition pieces (TPs), mounted atop monopiles or other sub-surface installations, in prime condition until the turbine towers are ready to be installed.

TPs often stand in harsh offshore environments for a long time before the towers can be put in place, which can lead to corrosion of structures, fittings and equipment. Corrosion and rust can wreak havoc with mounting bolts, and cause major difficulties in subsequent tower erection and installation.

Unfortunately, at such early stages of construction there is often no access to an electrical power supply to run any kind of humidity management setup, needed to protect the TPs from the effects of corrosive salt-laden airborne moisture.

Project COOPER therefore uses a small diesel burner for heating the regeneration air and a mini-wind turbine to continually charge the batteries that runs a specially configured Cotes CWO26 dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier, the burner and the small wind turbine are all mounted inside the TP, along with a suitably sized diesel tank. Service visits are completely unnecessary, except to fill up the tank with diesel when needed.

Installation of the first prototype is planned for Q3 2019.

 This particular Cotes development project (one of many!) is being managed by Claus Asger Larsen (here) and Keld Bonnez (here).

If you’d like to hear more about what this innovative solution involves and how it could help in your offshore operations, contact them directly, or get in touch with our CEO Thomas Rønnow here.

There’s also more information about Project COOPER here.


Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in knowledge-based initiatives considered to have visible potential to create results in the form of new knowledge, growth or jobs in Denmark.

Innovation Fund Denmark profiles itself as having the least possible amount of red tape and bureaucracy, and the funding it provides is explicitly described as an investment in the future.

There’s more information about the Innobooster program that Cotes is a part of here.


Need more information?

For more information about the project status and technology behind, please don’t hesitate to contact Keld Bonnez at [email protected] or +45 2294 3301