Cotes protecting wind turbines against humidity at Hi Tech & Industry trade fair in Herning, Denmark

Cotes will exhibiting at the Wind Energy Denmark event in Herning, Denmark on 2–3 October, displaying energy-efficient dehumidifier systems that’re ideal for tackling humidity-related problems in both offshore and onshore wind turbines.


People meeting people

The Wind Energy Denmark expo event for wind industry specialists on 2–3 October is part of the considerably larger, overlapping Hi Tech & Industry trade fair being held in Herning, Denmark on 3–5 October. This is the biggest tech and industry expo in Scandinavia, and the prime venue for Nordic and European technology companies and customers of all kinds to meet up and check out new developments.

Preventing corrosion, reducing manufacturing costs

The Cotes stand (F0043) at this high-profile event will feature a small CR80B dehumidifier that’s ideal for protecting wind turbines towers and nacelles against condensation and humidity while under transport.

We’ll also be showcasing the patented Cotes Wind Overpressure System – a breakthrough dehumidifier setup that helps prevent outside air – laden with a corrosive mixture of airborne moisture and salts – from even entering wind turbine nacelles and towers. This ensures a dry, salt-free environment inside, which helps reduce manufacturing costs as well as reducing downtime and prolonging the turbines’ service life.

We want to talk to the right people

Basically, we’re attending the Wind Industry Denmark event because we want to talk to the right experts and specialists at the wind turbine manufacturers of the world.

Patented Cotes dehumidification technology can play a unique role in helping you roll back manufacturing costs via lower corrosion classifications on materials, coatings and fixtures – as well as improving reliability profiles and uptime statistics.

Our new Strategic Key Account Manager Mikael Zacho Jensen and the actual developer responsible for the unique Cotes CWO system – Keld Bonnez – will both be ready at stand no. F0043 to give you the low-down on Cotes dehumidification technology for wind turbines, and to answer any of your questions.