Cotes receives Gazelle Award from Danish business newspaper Børsen

Cotes is proud to have received a Gazelle Award for 2018, awarded annually by the heavyweight Danish business newspaper Børsen.

These prestigious awards are given to the fastest growing companies in Denmark – companies that have consistently achieved positive growth over the past four financial years, and that have at least doubled either revenue or gross profit during that period.

Here at Cotes, we consider this award a key recognition of our concerted, long-term efforts to strengthen and grow the company, its manufacturing capabilities, its technical prowess and its market position.

Managing the conditions of the air in and around all kinds of commercial operations and technical processes is often pivotal to effective control of what’s happening, operating standards and quality management. Cotes focuses on providing customers with completely reliable control of the moisture levels present in the air, enabling them to prevent problems, reduce risk and boost efficiency in a wide range of key operations.

We reckon that’s a market with great future.