Keeping wind turbines dry and salt-free

The patented Cotes Offshore System tackles the many problems caused by airborne, salt-laden moisture inside offshore wind turbines, keeping the humidity and salt content of the air under control.

This breakthrough dehumidification setup creates a dry, salt-free environment inside turbine nacelles and towers. This reduces downtime, rolls back service costs and prolongs their service life – ensuring a better return on investment for any offshore wind turbine installation.


and cool as well…

Combining the Cotes Offshore System with an add-on heat exchanger unit provides a straightforward, reliable way to keep the air around sensitive electronics under controlled conditions

The air from the offshore system is cooled with cold air taken from the upper part of the tower and cooled still further by passing over the tower wall.

A 1000m3/hour overpressure unit can provide up to 40KWh of cooling effect, with a flow of dry air that’s free of salt.

How you benefit

  • Prevents problems from arising, rather than dealing with the consequences
  • Prevents moist, salt-laden air from entering nacelles and towers
  • Minimal corrosion and revenue-sapping downtime
  • Extended service life and better return of investment






How the Cotes Wind Offshore system works