For wind turbines located onshore and offshore

Cotes Wind dehumidifiers are specially configured for installation inside the nacelles and towers of wind turbines – mostly those installed in offshore wind farms, where there are problems with salt-laden moisture.

These units are compact and light in weight, so they are easy to install. They are also remarkably reliable, providing operators with full control of humidity conditions in order to maximize uptime and revenue.

How you benefit

  • Less corrosion inside nacelles and towers
  • Long service life and low maintenance/repair costs
  • Service intervals configured to match existing wind turbine service intervals
  • Greater uptime

Protected before even running

The Cotes Wind Standard units are designed for both offshore and onshore wind turbines, to deal with airborne moisture once it has entered the nacelle or tower.

They enable you to keep humidity under control by making sure that the air entering the nacelle or tower gets mixed with drier air which reduces the relative humidity present and therefore cuts back on any risk of the kinds of humidity-related problems. This goes for running turbines as well as for nacelles and towers being transported or stored.

Filtering out the salt

The filter cassettes in these units, which has a particularly large filter area, has an exceptionally long service life, configured to match the service intervals for the wind turbines themselves. The general design is based on the fact that any salt present in air will crystallise if the relative humidity is  low enough , and that salt in the form of crystals can then be captured in appropriate types of filter. 

Effective control

Cotes can provide a number of special controller units designed for installation in Cotes dehumidifiers installed in wind turbines.

The dehumidifier is automatically turned on and off in order to maintain any designated relative humidity set point, as required to meet local conditions.

Mechanical DR10 hygrostats are often used with these models of Cotes dehumidifier systems.