Cut out the sticky stuff

Controlling humidity in confectionery manufacturing

Manufacturing confectionery products – in all their infinite variety of shapes, textures, formats and taste – can be a seriously sticky business.

Most confectionery products don’t react at all well to the presence of uncontrolled airborne moisture. Moisture gives all kinds of trouble when it comes into contact with sugar and all the other hygroscopic confectionery ingredients, making conveyor belts and virtually all kinds of machinery sticky, upping the likelihood of unplanned, revenue-robbing stoppages as well as adding to your cleaning and maintenance costs.

And if humidity conditions in production spaces fluctuate too much, the ingredients can start clumping together, and your finished products start getting sticky, leading to moisture-related issues with hygiene and packaging.

Uncontrolled humidity also affects product quality, shelf life and the all-important consumer experience, piling on unwelcome and unforeseen operating costs that affect your profit margins.

Controlled humidity – new opportunities

Cotes All-Round adsorption dehumidifiers are a supremely effective way to remove excess moisture from the air inside your confectionery processing and storage spaces, and bring problematic humidity under full control.

This well-proven technology provides you with a low-intervention solution to countless practical headaches in the world of confectionery manufacturing. As well as paving the way to rethinking important key capabilities, giving you new commercial opportunities.

From prevention to opportunity

Preventing practical problems is one thing – making improvements in output, quality and consistency is another, and where big payoffs can kick in.

One of the biggest payoffs lies in faster drying, which enables you to run many processes faster, and thus boost your output without needing to expand your production setup.

Another payoff lies in making your products look more attractive to the customer, because carefully controlled manufacturing conditions give you better product moulding and general appearance.

And better control of humidity – and all the knock-on benefits this gives – helps pave the way to greater product consistency. Which is good for everyone.

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