Danish Energy Minister on a fact-finding visit to Cotes

On 14 September 2017, Danish Minister of Energy and Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt visited the Cotes assembly facility in Slagelse to see what we’re up to with new energy-saving technology solutions and with helping wind turbine manufacturers boost their competitiveness.

Strong tradition for “green” innovation

Denmark has long pursued an ambitious “green” energy policy and achieved a prominent “first-mover” position with regard to a wide range of sustainable and energy-saving technologies, part of which involves energy supplied by wind turbines on a relatively large scale.

One of the key results of these innovation efforts is that many of the world’s pre-eminent wind turbine companies began their activities in Denmark, and still operate important technical development and production facilities in this country. And according to Danish government figures, renewable energy now meets about a third of the country’s total energy needs.

Learning from successful innovators

The Danish Minister of Energy and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, is currently engaged in a round of fact-finding visits to Danish companies that have distinguished themselves by innovative measures, products or approaches associated with energy conservation and climate-protection technologies.

On Thursday 14 September, he visited the Cotes manufacturing facility at Trafikcenter Allé in Slagelse to see what we’re up to with our unique solutions for helping wind turbine manufacturers produce equipment that’s more cost-effective and more competitive.

He was particularly interested to hear about:

  1. The Cotes-led project that won the 2016 Elforskprisen technical research award
  2. Cotes innovative dehumidifier-related solutions for wind turbine manufacturers


Extracting valuable energy from airborne moisture

In 2016, Cotes lead a multi-partner team on an important industry-focused research project to develop a new, energy-efficient dehumidification setup with big benefits for food industry spray drying.

The results included a potential reduction of 15% in spray-drying energy consumption well as a 25% increase in drying capacity. The new concept is also ideal for tackling humidity issues in large industrial warehouses and production facilities.

“This project has shown that it’s possible to develop an energy-efficient setup featuring unique technology that can convert energy bound to the moisture in the air into heat. This setup can recycle 170% of the energy delivered into the system, at the same time as providing an air flow that is hotter and drier.”

Patented system for keeping wind turbines dry inside

Cotes has also developed a patented dehumidification system that ensures dry, salt-free environments inside the nacelles and towers of wind turbines both onshore and offshore. This prolongs their service life, reduces downtime and makes them a better return on investment.

Keeping the humidity and salt content of the air under full control – and preventing their corrosive effects – also enables wind turbine manufacturers to trim manufacturing costs, making them more competitive.

Offshore innovation for China

During his visit, the Danish Minister of Energy encouraged Cotes to take part in a 2018 trade delegation to China, with an exclusive focus on offshore wind turbines. He is of the opinion that there are considerable commercial opportunities here for Danish SMEs because of their exceptional expertise in energy efficiency and climate technologies.

Thanking the minister for the invitation, Cotes CEO Thomas Rønnow expressed considerable appreciation for being included in the forthcoming delegation as well as for the focus on the significant contributions that medium-sized companies make to Danish innovation capabilities.

More info

If you’d like more info about either of these two important Cotes initiatives, please contact CEO Thomas Rønnow (+45 2294 3318, [email protected]) or CTO Rasmus Toftegaard (+45 5167 2906, [email protected]).