Cotes provides a wide range of well-engineered, energy-efficient, reliable dehumidifiers. All are robustly built for reliability and a long service life, using quality engineering and easy-to-source standardised components.

Modular design

Modular design makes it easy to choose the exact configuration and capabilities best suited to your unique requirements.

Energy efficient

Any thermal inputs can be used, and many units are available with heat recovery. Save 20–25% on energy bills for humidity management.

Know-how makes the difference

Cotes experts can help you with the equipment choice best for how your particular operations work, taking all the parameters into consideration.

Cotes Mobile

Compact, lightweight dehumidifiers built for mobility, with a handle for easy lifting and transport. Easily stackable — fits sixteen on a pallet. Ideal for ad hoc dehumidification requirements. Compact dehumidifiers built for mobility. READ MORE

Cotes All-Round

Off-the-shelf dehumidifiers, with add-on modules you can select to meet particular requirements. These are highly versatile, uncomplicated units that are renowned for being exceptionally robust and reliable. Versatile dehumidifiers with add-on modules for extra functionality

Cotes Coldstore Units

Cotes dehumidifiers for cold storage have been developed to prevent icing in freezers, refrigeration units and other locations where very low temperatures occurs. Humidity control at very low temperatures READ MORE

Cotes Flexible

Designed for large-scale humidity management in conjunction with process drying – where either deep drying (high ∆X) and exceptionally dry air, or exceptional volumes of process air, are often required.
For large-scale humidity management. READ MORE

Cotes Wind

Compact specialist dehumidifiers to ensure dry, corrosion-free environments inside the nacelles and towers of offshore and onshore wind turbines, both while in operation and during storage, transport and erection.
Dry environments inside windturbines READ MORE

Cotes Wind Offshore

The patented Cotes Offshore System is a breakthrough dehumidifier system that helps prevent outside air laden with a corrosive mixture of airborne moisture and salts from even entering nacelles and towers.
Patented solution for offshore windturbines READ MORE