Growing to meet customers’ needs

New OEM/Sales Manager

We’re already expanding our Cotes sales team still further!

On 1 May, Henrik Bomholt will be starting as OEM/Sales Manager, where his job will involve tending to the specialist needs of Cotes OEM customers keen to build humidity management technology into their capabilities.


Focusing on food processing companies’ needs

We’ve also hired Henrik Bomholt as part of a key Cotes decision to increase and accelerate our efforts to meet the unique needs of food processing companies.

Many of our food industry customers have to balance intensive, repeated cleaning and rigorous attention to hygiene compliance, on the one hand, with the need to maximise revenue-earning processing time, on the other.

Cotes dehumidification technology is a supremely effective way to quickly and effectively get your processing facilities dry after cleaning, so you can keep processing uptime to the highest possible levels – to keep your operations competitive.

Experience helping customers improve their business

Henrik is a highly experienced sales engineer with a solid track record in working with customers in mechanical engineering and industry. He comes to Cotes after end-to-end ten-year stints at GEA and then Centa Transmissions, and is well aware about the importance of helping customers develop and improve their business, their capabilities and their profit margins. If you’d like more info, check out his Linkedin profile here.

Henrik will mostly be working with Cotes customers in Denmark, as well as certain selected European customers, along with Cotes sales manager for Germany, Anders Kjeldgaard.


Get in touch

He will mostly be working from our facility in Aarhus, Denmark, and his contact data will be [email protected] and +45 5167 2914 (from 1 May 2019 onwards). You’re welcome to leave him a message!