IFFA Frankfurt – where meat processing experts meet

Small drips, big effects

Meat processing facilities have to be kept scrupulously clean – a process that usually involves large quantities of water and steam, regularly applied.
Such airborne moisture isn’t easy to deal with. It has a natural tendency to “stick around”, and to condense on any colder surfaces. Condensation dripping from ceilings onto meat processing equipment or products is a paradise for bacteria, a nightmare for quality control and a recipe for hygiene disasters.
And any hygiene transgressions can quickly drive a coach and horses through your standards compliance, and shred your company’s reputation for years to come. All of which can mean a serious dent in profits.

We believe that in processing activities involving food prevention is a whole lot better than cure – we aim to help prevent all the humidity-related issues a meat processing setup might encounter, using our specialist humidity management expertise and equipment.

The place to go

Held every three years in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, IFFA is the leading international trade fair for the meat industry and the entire production chain associated with it.
Cotes humidity management experts will be at Stand E41F in Hall 9.1 at the Messe Frankfurt venue on 4–9 May to explain how our adsorption dehumidification technology helps companies in the meat processing industry boost profit margins without compromising hygiene standards or product quality.

Sharing stand with the Danish Export Association

We won’t be at the Frankfurt event on our own. We will be at the Danish Pavilion held by the Danish Export Association, at which we will be displaying a Cotes All-Round C35 unit. This is the kind of dehumidifier widely used in maintaining control of airborne moisture in meat processing operations – especially after cleaning.

Anders Kjeldgaard, our sales manager for Germany, will be there to answer queries and explain the strengths and benefits of Cotes humidity management technology. If you’d like to contact him to set up a meeting to discuss solutions to any specific issues your meat processing operations might be facing, we suggest you get in touch with him directly – [email protected] +45 2294 3303.

Plenty of payoffs from keeping airborne humidity under control in meat processing
End-to-end control of the humidity in the air pays off.


  • Elimination of virtually all problems that stem from condensation
  • Faster drying of floors, surfaces and equipment after cleaning
  • Fewer production interruptions and less plant downtime
  • Consistent product quality
  • Less risk of bacterial growth, making it easier to comply with hygiene standards