Managing humidity
in cold store

Dealing with the effects of unwanted moisture and ice

Tackling causes
not symptoms

Low-temperature storage facilities – from cold stores to freezer tunnels – often run into problems when moisture in the air turns into condensation and then into ice, resulting in loads of bothersome practical difficulties and revenue-nibbling costs.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifier solutions enable you to tackle the basic causes of all this ice and condensation – giving you full control over conditions, lower operating costs and greater customer satisfaction.

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Learn how Cotes adsorption dehumidifier solutions enable you to tackle these problems.

Practical issues
caused by humidity

  • Condensation forms on all kinds of cold surfaces, introducing risks of bacterial growth and hygiene problems
  • Condensation and ice accumulate and give rise to lots of safety issues
  • Ice forms on fixtures and equipment, and gives rise to lots of practical problems and manpower-intensive remedial measures
  • Ice accumulates on evaporators and causes increased energy consumption
  • Stored goods and their packaging get wet and damaged, resulting in product losses and dissatisfied customers
  • Barcodes get covered over or damaged, and can’t be scanned
  • Mist forms in the air, causing visibility problems and safety issues



In cold store installations, undesirable levels of moisture in the air give rise to a whole range of practical problems. These are a bugbear in day-to-day operations, and also tend to pile on costs. Cotes humidity management solutions are by far the most energy-efficient way of bringing the conditions inside cold store installations under full control – achieving more with less.

Big benefits

  • Less product damage and waste
  • greater customer satisfaction
  • Safer working environment, with savings on accidents and manpower
  • More efficient refrigeration and freezing processes
  • Less manpower for dealing with ice and condensation

Relative humidity
and the dew point

This film explains the relation between the relative humidity and dew point, and how you can manage this to get the results that suit you best.

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