Managing humidity
in industrial applications

Dealing with undesirable levels
of moisture in the air

Better control = lower costs

Getting control of humidity in your buildings, manufacturing facilities and processes can help you

  • Deal with seasonal fluctuations in operating conditions
  • Boost product quality and reduce waste
  • Roll back operating costs
  • Cut down on service and maintenance costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Trim downtime and revenue losses

Which all adds up to bigger plusses on your balance sheet.

The unseen element
in industrial efficiency

Uncontrolled moisture in the air can give rise to all kinds of efficiency-denting problems throughout industry, including:

  • Corrosion and rust
  • Bacterial growth, mould and rot
  • Condensation
  • Electrical glitches and electronics faults
  • Changes in the quality, performance and integrity of hygroscopic materials of all kinds
  • Excessive energy consumption

Saving money
on energy

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers can run on virtually any available kind of thermal input — electricity, gas, steam, district heating, recovered thermal energy, waste heat, etc.

This cuts down on environmental impacts and saves you money on energy bills — as much as 60% compared to other dehumidifiers.

Food production

Food production, processing and storage of all kinds require good hygiene — consistent and controlled.

Uncontrolled humidity results in bacteria growth, and moisture condensing on the surface of cold products, damaging packaging and spoiling the product.

Adsorption dehumidifiers are the most effective and economical way to gain full control over levels of moisture in the air, and ideal combinations of low humidity and low temperatures designed to optimise the quality of food products.

and storage facilities

Moisture problems are a frequent plague in storage facilities of virtually all kinds. Uncontrolled humidity results in costly damage to a wide range of structures, equipment and materials. And, of course, to any products stored in such facilities.

Cotes provides a wide range of dehumidifiers specially designed for use in warehouses and storage facilities. These units ensure maximum reliability and the lowest possible energy consumption, due to a carefully engineered balance of rotor size, air volume and effect optimisation.

Consultant engineers

Humidity control equipment is often an integral part of engineering consultancy services because high, uncontrolled humidity causes conditions that are inappropriate for virtually all the materials, structures and processes used in industry. These include corrosion, condensation and the growth of mould and bacteria.

From bridges, ships, tunnels and wind turbines to ice rinks, warehouses and cold storage facilities, processing plants and more, Cotes humidity management technology and know-how provide a visible boost to the services provided by consultant engineers, and to customer satisfaction about the results.

Military services

A lot of the equipment used by military services (and other similar organisations) is very vulnerable to damage caused by moisture — everything from tanks, aircraft, ships and weaponry to the ammunition, optics, textiles and other equipment used and worn by military personnel.

If such items are kept or stored in anything other than dry conditions, they quickly become less serviceable when needed and less reliable when used, and their useful life shrinks significantly. Defect and sub-standard inventory can be dangerous, and replacing it costs money.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers remove unwanted moisture in the air, resulting in greater here-and-now serviceability for the equipment, as well as a longer service life and a better return on investment. Cotes units are also renowned for low maintenance and running costs, as well as minimal energy consumption.

Relative humidity
and the dew point

A brief explanation of the relation between relative humidity and the dew point.

Condensation leads to problems


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