Managing humidity
in waterworks

Cotes dehumidifiers keep conditions
under control — and operating costs down

High humidity in waterworks
results in condensation

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Waterworks are often plagued by moisture-related problems — usually the indirect result of outside air entering the building. The dew point of such air is normally higher than the temperature of the many cold surfaces and installations within the facility.

This makes condensation form on pipes, pumps and fittings, as well as on electrical equipment and other equipment. This damages structures and equipment, as well as disrupting operations by affecting electrical installations, electronics and mechanical fixtures.

It also gives rise to hygiene problems associated with mould and bacterial growth — conditions not conducive to dealing with drinking water for human consumption.

Related products

Cotes All-round C35

Cotes Mobile


Dehumidification is the only solution

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers can ensure humidity levels that eliminate condensation on cold surfaces, keeping the building and its contents dry and free of condensation, mould and mildew.

This significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs for both the buildings and technical installations in any waterworks facility.

Energy-efficient Cotes adsorption dehumidifier technology also enables you to control humidity levels with the lowest possible energy costs and in the most environmentally responsible way.


Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are the most effective as well as the most energy-efficient way to bring the moisture-laden air inside waterworks under control.

This prevents all kinds of problems from arising, and does so with a bare minimum of energy inputs, which also makes Cotes dehumidifiers extremely economical to run.

Relative humidity
and the dewpoint

This film explains the relation between the relative humidity and dewpoint, and how you can manage this to get the results that suit you best.

Condensation leads to problems