My internship at Cotes


My name is Mathias. I’m 15 years old and just about to graduate secondary school in Denmark.

For the last week I have been on an internship. That is something every student in Denmark has to complete in order to graduate secondary school. That should give us an idea about how it is to go to work every day, and more important; what we’ll like to do when we get older.

I ended up in an internship at the company Cotes A/S. Cotes is a medium sized company that develop and build industrial dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers are sold all over the world, mostly in Europe. This week I’ve learned that dehumidifiers can be used in any possible way you can imagine. All the way from offshore wind turbines where salt and humidity needs to be avoided, to small storage rooms where you want to protect your goods from the affects of the humidity present.

It has been an interesting week at Cotes. I’ve done a lot of different things and tried to be part of the company from multiple, very different job positions. The first two days I learned how to design and draw the machines in inventor.  As I got more skilled using the program I discovered that the possibilities of this program had no limits. That was awesome.

The 3rd day I went to the production side not far from the HQ. It was interesting, and somehow funny, to see how the machines was built. So far, I’d only seen the machines at a screen, or as a demo unit in the showroom. Now I could see the whole process of building a dehumidifier. Some of them small enough to carry around – some of them big enough to stand inside -twice!

The last couple of days I got to see how marketing and financial accounting is done at Cotes. I helped preparing and packing for two large exhibitions and was told and showed how to order marketing materials. I also learned how to post things on the company website – this post.

Now my internship at Cotes has come to an end, and it’s time for me to go on weekend. On monday I’m back in school with lots of stories and things to tell my friends. I’m still not sure what I will like to study after secondary school, but I’ve got a much better understanding of what’s going on in a company like Cotes.

I’ll like to thank everybody in Cotes to take so much care of me, and to share their knowledge and work with me.