Protecting industrial processes against humidity

Humidity in Hannover

On 23–27 April Cotes will be exhibiting at Hall 003, Stand E28, at the Hannover Messe 2018 – the world’s leading trade show for industrial technology.

We’ll be demonstrating an All-Round C35 dehumidifier, a mid-range unit that’s ideal for industrial and commercial operations to use in combating lots of different practical problems caused by uncontrolled moisture in the air.


Book a meeting

If you’re reading this, we strongly recommend that you book a confidential meeting with the present Area Sales Managers to discuss any issues you might have caused by uncontrolled humidity inside your buildings, structures or processes.

Meetings can be booked  with Klaus Magtengaard at [email protected] (monday-tuesday) and Anders Kjeldgaard at [email protected] (wednesday-friday)


Problems or control?

Uncontrolled moisture in the air often gives costly glitches and problems of all kinds:



Mould and fungus

Bacterial growth

Ice formation

Electrical faults

Powders clumping

Not being able to control these kinds of nastiness can be a real profits killer.


Dehumidification technology that gets the job done

Cotes technology helps you deal with causes rather than effects, and is vastly more effective (and reliable) than any traditional kinds of dehumidifier.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers – such as the C35 – provide big-bucks payoffs by applying the basic laws of physics so you can prevent costly problems from ever arising.


Want to know more?

Cotes is one of the world’s leading experts in helping customers deal with uncontrolled airborne humidity.

Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll show you what’s possible. People are (often) surprised about how much difference humidity management can make.

See you!

See you at Hall 003, Stand E28 in Hannover on 23–27 April!