Food and beverage production

Better control reduces risk

If you’re involved in manufacturing or producing any kind of food and beverage products, you probably have to implement an effective hygiene regimen in order to minimise any risk of bacterial growth and infection, and any – costly – difficulties this can cause with agreed hygiene standards.

Uncontrolled airborne humidity is one of the “hidden invisibles” giving rise to pooling condensation and corrosion as well as a wide range of hygiene issues. Preventing such problems and glitches from arising is much more effective than having to deal with their consequences – and all the effects these have on in-service metrics. Downtime usually impacts earnings and reputations – big time.

One of the most effective – yet in some kinds of business still relatively unfamiliar – ways to reduce hygiene risks is to establish full control over the conditions that make it possible for bacterial growths to occur. Effective control of the dew point in the air means airborne humidity simply cannot form, and you can get rid of the commercial risks associated with it.

SOLUTIONS FOR Food and beverage production