Recreational venues

Controlling humidity
in recreational venues

If you own or operate any kind of recreational or leisure venue, you’re probably well aware how many different elements go into keeping customers happy, building loyalty and putting out the good word about the customer experience.
We realise controlling levels of humidity in the air is perhaps unlikely to be top of your list of competitive concerns. But it’s one of the invisible parameters that can make a surprisingly big difference, on account of the many indirect effects of uncontrolled humidity.

The invisible difference
In addition to impacting intangible feelings of general wellbeing and comfort, airborne moisture can give rise to unsightly – and costly – damage to structures, equipment, furniture and fittings via corrosion and condensation.
Airborne moisture is a completely natural phenomenon, the inevitable result of changing weather and climate and of human activity, as people move around, sweat and go about their activities, whatever they may be.
Preventing such problems from arising can have s surprisingly big positive effect on your maintenance and service costs, as well as your visitor satisfaction ratings.

SOLUTIONS FOR Recreational venues