Wind turbines

Exposed to the elements

On the way there
The nacelles and towers of wind turbines – and all the sensitive equipment and electronics inside them – are exposed to tough conditions from the moment they leave the factory all the way to the erection site. En route, they’re often stored out in the open on trucks, rail cars, ship decks, storage areas and quaysides, exposed to fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions.

While in operation
Conditions don’t get easier once the nacelles and towers are erected and commissioned – offshore wind turbines (in particular) are exposed to harsh weather and corrosive combinations of airborne humidity and salts 365 days a year, for the entire duration of their service lives.

Two approaches to protection
Cotes humidity management technology helps protect wind turbines – both onshore and offshore – during transport and storage as well as during operation.
One approach helps prevent airborne moisture laden with corrosive salts from even entering the nacelles and towers of wind turbines — especially those offshore.
The other helps you deal with humidity once it is present.

SOLUTIONS FOR Wind turbines