Boat storage solutions


Storing your boat during the winter can be a costly bother.


  • It’s a time-consuming hassle to move gear on and off at the beginning and end of every sailing season
  • Moisture from anything even vaguely damp left on board condenses and often causes unpleasant smells and damage
  • Bacterial growths and mould can spoil the appearance of cabin walls, furniture and fittings
  • Any soft furnishings, sails, ropes and sailing gear left on board can deteriorate


Boats – whether leisure craft or commercial vessels – are almost always a big investment – an asset worth protecting. Especially in countries where many boats are on land – or are simply not used – during the cold winters.

This often results in interiors and equipment ending up smelling stale and musty – and not looking good – unless completely cleared out. Which means owners have to carry and transport all kinds of gear off at season end – and then back on to get ready for the next.

money-saving protection, pleasure-boosting interiors

The interiors of boats kept in over-winter storage often have the same levels of moisture in the air below deck as outside – i.e. as much 100% relative humidity. Corrosion and other damage often begins as soon as humidity exceeds 65%. At 75%, unsightly, harmful mould growth starts and  condensation can spoil woodwork, interiors and equipment.

Opening windows and hatches, or turning on electric heaters, is no help at all – but keeping levels of airborne moisture low enough can transform the whole winter storage and season-start experience.


If you just want to protect the interior of your own  boat, the small, energy-efficient Cotes adsorption dehumidifier is the ideal solution. It gives you complete control of the relative humidity of the air inside your boat – even at winter temperatures as low as -30˚C.

Some people prefer to have such compact dehumidifiers permanently installed and plumbed into the boat’s heating and ventilation systems, so they can always keep below-deck areas dry and pleasant, regardless of wet sailing gear, sails and ropes as well as whatever may happen with weather and sailing conditions, all year round.

Others prefer to keep their dehumidifiers portable, and take them on board and off as required. This just requires a couple of plastic hoses to transfer wet and dry air.

BOAT protection AND DRY AIR as a service

Cotes now also provides a completely new approach to this whole problem, by:

  • Combining tough shrink-wrapped plastic weather protection with Cotes humidity management
  • Tough plastic hoses connect 6–8 boats up to an outdoor Cotes dehumidifier that supplies each one with approx. 40 m3 dry air every hour, and relative humidity is always kept under 65%
  • The dry air protects the boat from the inside, and seeps out through existing openings
  • The shrink-wrapped weather protection protects decks and equipment against dirt and weather, as well as keeings the dry air in to do its job
  • Boats no longer need to be moved to special locations with expensive indoor storage. They can now be stored outside, with just as much protection (if not more).
  • Cotes provides the dehumidifier, all the necessary equipment and pays for the electricity.
  • Boat owners simply pay a monthly subscription to Cotes, and a service charge to the port.
  • Easy for boat owners, new revenue for port operators. And more sailing satisfaction and pleasure for everybody.



  • Less bother and greater pleasure from owning a boat
  • Better overall protection of your boat
  • Better control of below-deck humidity
  • Helps maintain the attractiveness (and resale value) of your boat and its equipment
  • Less bother with unloading, loading and transporting equipment and gear before and after winter storage
  • No need for expensive indoor winter storage
  • Convenient, financially attractive solution for any boat owner
  • Helps ports and winter storage facilities provide new services, and gives them additional sources of revenue
  • No-worries reliability – all operations monitored by port employees
  • Easy-to-manage subscription payment models available



  • Compact lightweight units that are easy to mount hidden away
  • Can be stored in a small space
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Full control over humidity everywhere below decks
  • Dehumidifier model(s) specially designed for boat users’ needs and priorities



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