Zwiefalter Klosterbräu


Centuries-old brewing traditions

The family-owned Zwiefalter Klosterbräu brewery in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, has a monastic brewing heritage that dates back to 1521. The company now provides specialty beers brewed exclusively from the finest local raw materials, with no chemicals or additives whatsoever.

Condensation and seasonal fluctuations

But it’s not easy. The brewing team had long been reporting practical problems stemming from condensation on the inner surfaces of outer walls – mainly during spring and summer, when the walls are cold but the ambient air inside the building is warmer. There were similar issues in the pressure tank section, with condensation forming on tanks and sometimes pooling on the floor.
Problems caused by this condensation were making it difficult for the Zwiefalter team to maintain the desired high hygiene levels, as well as affecting the building structure. And the situation wasn’t made easier by the many doorways and staircases, which resulted in the constant ingress of warm, moisture-laden air from outside the buildings.
The company had tried just about everything to deal with these issues – unsuccessfully.

Compact, energy-efficient solution

Cotes technicians were called in to help, and installed an energy-efficient Cotes C35E adsorption dehumidifier to maintain the relative humidity of the air in key parts of the brewery below 60%, thus preventing any build-up of mould and fungal growths. The new dehumidifier also ensures that the brewery can maintain a dew point 1-2°C below the surface temperature on the cold tanks in order to avoid condensation forming here.
This meant Zwiefalter Klosterbräu was finally able to tackle the real source of all the practical issues, instead of just constantly cleaning up the symptoms.

No guesswork

Zwiefalter Klosterbräu wanted the best possible assessment of the new dehumidifier’s in-service impact, so Cotes installed a datalogger to monitor input and output conditions as well as the unit’s performance, based on agreed parameters.
Brew master Stefan Aschenbrenner is certainly satisfied with the results – “I am surprised by the effect of this device: it works very well and we have dry walls and dry tanks,” he declared.
A new era begins on a historic brewing journey.

Decisions to be made

This initial success isn’t the end of the story, however. The Zwiefalter Klosterbräu brewery consists of multiple buildings , each with its own specific set of humidity-related operational challenges. The management is determent to tackle these issues in a similar manner, and is currently in discussion with Cotes experts about how best this can be done.


‘I am surprised by the effect of this device:
it works very well and we have dry walls and dry tanks’

Stefan Aschenbrenner
Brew Master, Zwiefalter Klosterbräu

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