Chemical production


Chemical production requires careful control of conditions. Improper or inconsistent levels of airborne moisture can have serious negative effects on your operations and costs, including:


  • Difficulty maintaining consistency of multiple aspects of chemical production
  • Variations in product quality
  • Hygroscopic ingredients and products clumping together and congealing, resulting in equipment blockages and process glitches
  • Unnecessarily high service and operational costs


Controlled humidity reduces output fluctuations

Humidity hindrances

In chemical production, effective control of the specification of the air is usually vital. For reasons that include health and safety, operating efficiency and profit margins.

Airborne moisture levels are a key parameter for air specifications, not least because they have big impacts on many chemical properties, and as well as knock-on effects on key parameters that include temperature and pressure.

Uncontrolled levels of airborne moisture make it difficult to maintain consistency of multiple aspects of chemical production. Humid air can make hygroscopic ingredients and products clump together and congeal, resulting in equipment blockages, process glitches and storage problems as well as difficulties with overall production efficiency.

Full control counts

Controlled humidity reduces risk and uncertainty at every stage, enabling you to establish – and maintain – exactly appropriate environments for manufacturing, packaging, transporting and storing chemical products and ingredients that are humidity-sensitive and/or hygroscopic.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are the easiest and most cost-effective way to remove undesirable and uncontrolled airborne moisture from any chemical production or processing facility. This enables you to maintain consistent, controlled specifications, regardless of seasons, weather and other factors that influence the relative humidity of the surrounding air.

How you benefit

  • Stable, consistent chemical production, regardless of seasonal changes, weather and other phenomena
  • Better control of multiple processes and fewer variations in product quality
  • Less risk of clumping, blockages and waste, with less downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Better end-to-end control of operating conditions – benefiting safety as well as profitability

How Cotes solutions stand out

Cotes solutions for tackling uncontrolled humidity in chemical production operations are

  • Capable of removing uncontrolled humidity from very large volumes of air
  • Exceptional reliability, even in corrosive and dangerous operating environments
  • Available with advanced monitoring and control systems for maximum flexibility
  • Available with a Cotes energy recovery module to minimise energy consumption

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