Confectionery manufacturing


Most confectionery products don’t react at all well to moisture. If plant conditions fluctuate too much, ingredients can start clumping together, and lots of things start getting sticky.

You might then have to deal with:

  • Less-than-ideal product quality, shelf life and consumer experience
  • Less efficient production, packaging and storage
  • Equipment blockages and production stops caused by powder clumping
  • Moisture leads to challenges in hygiene and safety standards
  • Increased downtime and higher operating costs due to humidity


Controlled humidity ensures better production conditions and better hygiene

Humidity challenges in confectionery production

There’s a huge world market for confectionery products, but they have to be in good – and consistent – condition when they reach the consumers. Poor quality quickly slices profits and damages brand value.

When manufacturing confectionery products, both the ingredients and the end products are easily affected by airborne moisture. Many ingredients are hygroscopic, and uncontrolled humidity has a negative effect on just about every stage of confectionery production, packaging and storage. Humidity makes ingredients clump together – resulting in production-disrupting blockages in machinery as well as piping – as well as encouraging problematic bacterial growth and the resulting hygiene issues.

Most confectionery products require specific relative humidities (and temperatures), and it’s very hard to reach and maintain these by simple ventilation with uncontrolled air from outside.

Preventive action – getting rid of the problem

Air conditions vary enormously throughout the world, and according to weather and season. Cotes dehumidification technology gives you effective end-to-end control over air conditions in your particular confectionery production setup, so you can maintain the consistent standards-compliant product quality essential for commercial success.

You can protect both ingredients and finished products during production, storage and transport by effectively managing the specifications of the air all around them.

Cotes provides energy-efficient dehumidification solutions suitable for each particular part of your production setup – from storage sections to production areas, and from packaging lines to subsequent storage and transport.


How you benefit

  • Implement better end-to-end control of operating conditions throughout your confectionery production setup
  • Do away with problems caused by clumping and blockages
  • Dry ingredients and products more cheaply and effectively, using air under controlled conditions
  • Ensure consistent, controlled conditions at every stage of production, packaging and storage, with less spoilage and waste
  • Make it easier to comply with hygiene and safety standards
  • Reduce downtime and operating costs

HOW cotes stands out from competition

Cotes solutions for controlling humidity in confectionery production are
  • Compact, robust and reliable
  • Available with automated precision control systems
  • Designed to comply with good hygiene practice
  • Energy-efficient, with minimal operating costs

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