Dairy processing facility


Dairy products derive from natural ingredients that spoil easily during processing as well as storage. They therefore require good control over production conditions, along with exceptional levels of hygiene. Unfortunately, the air in and around every dairy processing facility features fluctuating, uncontrolled levels of airborne moisture – ideal conditions for hygiene issues by the bucketful.

Controlled humidity ensures better production conditions and better hygiene

Humidity challenges in processing dairy products

Better living conditions, global commerce and accelerating consumer expectations have resulted in rapidly expanding markets for dairy products. But such products have to be in consistently good condition – poor quality decimates profits and demolishes brand reputations.

Unfortunately, fluctuating levels of moisture in the air tend to wreak havoc with full control and good hygiene.

With dairy products – inherently delicate and perishable – effective end-to-end control of production and storage conditions, along with a bullet-proof, standards-complaint hygiene regimen, is sine qua non for consistent product quality and commercial success.

Preventive action – getting rid of the problem

Risk is never good for business. Cotes dehumidifiers enable you to eliminate a key imponderable in pathogen-sensitive dairy processing setups – the unseen humidity present everywhere, fluctuating round the clock as well as with the seasons and the weather.

Uncontrolled airborne moisture provides a perfect substrate for bacterial growth – and all the hygiene issues this involves. In the world of dairy products, this has to be dependably dealt with in order to ensure compliance with all-important quality standards and health codes.

Cotes dehumidification technology gives you effective end-to-end control over the air conditions throughout your dairy processing setup, so you can maintain the consistent standards-compliant product quality essential for commercial success.

Effective control of humidity levels also brings you more energy-efficient, accurate control of temperature – essential when working with dairy products.


How you benefit

  • Ensure consistent, controlled conditions at every stage of processing, packaging and storage
  • Save money on managing levels of humidity throughout your diary processing setup
  • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs via Cotes heat recovery modules
  • Better, more consistent product quality – with less spoilage and waste
  • Easier to comply with stringent hygiene and food safety standards


  • Compact, robust and reliable
  • Available with automated precision control systems
  • Designed to comply with good hygiene practice
  • Energy-efficient, with minimal operating costs


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