Drying operations

Dehumidifiers for drying operations

Any decisions about the Cotes dehumidifier configuration for ensuring the most consistent, controlled-spec air flows for use in your particular spray drying and fluid bed setup are closely linked to how much moisture you need to remove from the air entering the  dryer, and for the humidity tolerances relevant for your specific operations.

Cotes experience is that Cotes All-Round units are usually prime choice for most drying operations – usually the larger Cotes All-Round C105 dehumidifiers – along with the appropriate control systems and supplementary equipment. However, if conditions vary and the volumes of air for dehumidification fluctuate a lot, units from the exceptionally versatile Cotes Flexible range are sometimes more appropriate.

In industrial drying operations, the patented Cotes energy reduction system is often included in the specifications, to make the most of energy reductions amounting to as much as 15%.

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