Electronics storage


Manufacturing, transporting and storing electronic equipment all require carefully controlled conditions to prevent corrosion of sensitive components and circuitry. Everything has to work exactly as intended when it reaches the end user.

But uncontrolled humidity can end with you facing difficulties like:

  • Corrosion in components, resulting in malfunctions
  • Operating glitches in electrical installations and sensitive electronics
  • Short circuits and product failure
  • Poor customer relations and brand damage, due to product malfunctions
  • Escalating warranty claims and insurance costs


Controlled humidity prevents corrosion
and maintains product quality

Humidity challenges where electronics are stored

Moisture and electric current are never a good combination. High levels of moisture in the air – humidity – can often result in corrosion in components and operating glitches in electrical installations and sensitive electronics.

Electronic equipment normally operates with very small voltages. Any layers of corrosion (however minuscule) that may form on the surfaces, circuits or components within items of electronic equipment increase the electrical resistance of the equipment, resulting in glitches of all kinds, ranging from simple performance impairment and unreliability to outright failure.

Similarly, any condensation caused by airborne moisture condensing on cold surfaces can result in electrical short circuits, in addition to the corrosion issues.

All these problems become even worse when electronics are still in storage at the manufacturer or en route to the end-user or consumer. If the products don’t work as intended when delivered, customer relations and brand reputations suffer, while claims costs and insurance issues escalate.


Avoiding corrosion and glitches

When levels of relative humidity in the air are above about 60%, corrosion flourishes on metal surfaces. On the other hand, the basic laws of physics dictate that it’s virtually impossible for any normal form of corrosion to occur in clean air with a relative humidity of 45% or less.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are the most cost-effective, reliable way to bring airborne moisture under full control, and thus help you do away with corrosion and condensation problems in any kind of electronics storage facility.

By keeping electronics under carefully controlled conditions that prevent corrosion and condensation from ever occurring, you can keep the customers for your electronics storage operations happy as well as keeping costs down and limiting claims, complaints and compensation issues.


How you benefit

  • Maintain better control of air conditions anywhere you store electronic equipment, thus making corrosion simply impossible
  • Maintain product value, by reducing damage, write-offs and insurance claims
  • Prevent corrosion and other humidity-related damage to structures, fittings and equipment in the storage facility, resulting in lower building maintenance costs
  • Minimise energy consumption while doing so, by using unique Cotes heat recovery modules

HOW Cotes solutions stand out

Cotes solutions for controlling humidity in electronics storage facilities are
  • Compact, robust and reliable
  • Built for resilience – long service life
  • Capable of removing large quantities of moisture from big volumes of air
  • Available with additional modules and control systems for specific needs
  • Exceptionally energy efficient