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Dehumidifiers that make a difference to equipment rental economics

Cramo Oy, based in Finland, is a leading European equipment rental services company, providing a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment to meet special needs and short-term requirements in trade, industry and the public sector, as well as for private customers. This rental business normally includes traditional condensation dehumidifiers.

Emptying not needed

After the summer flooding of 2011, the Danish subsidiary of Cramo was suddenly faced with extraordinary demand for dehumidifiers, all at once. The company decided to try out small Cotes Mobile adsorption dehumidifiers to help in the job of drying out businesses, living accommodation and basements.

Compared with traditional solutions such as condensation dehumidifiers or hot air blowers, Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers use far less electricity and are much cheaper to run.

Condensation dehumidifiers are normally fitted with trays or containers to collect the moisture condensed out of the surrounding air. After serious inundations these have to be emptied regularly, involving lots of time and bother for users.

By contrast, Cramo’s Cotes Mobile units have a hose that just leads the water away to an outside drain or street gutter. This means Cotes dehumidifiers can run virtually indefinitely and unattended. This means Cramo rental customers don’t need to spend time emptying water containers.

Cramo users also report that these easy-to-move units dry out cellars, basements and other building structures twice as fast. This means Cramo doesn’t need to buy as many dehumidifiers to meet any particular level of demand – which adds up to significantly better return on investment.

Robust, reliable and profitable

For a rental services company like Cramo, the durability of rental equipment is also important for return-on-investment calculations – the longer the equipment lasts and can be rented out, the better the profitability.

All Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are built for resilience and reliability, but Cotes Mobile units are designed to be exceptionally robust. This makes them ideal for equipment rentals, where the units get moved around a lot – and usually by people who take little care because they don’t actually own the equipment.

Cotes units work effectively at lower temperatures than traditional condensation dehumidifiers, and this means Cramo is able to rent them out for more of the year – even during the winter. This means the company avoids having equipment idle during the winter, with positive impacts on revenue.



“It looks like these Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers will last for five years or more – which will probably make them a really good investment for us.”

Anders Gøthe, Cramo product manager


Fewer dehumidifiers to meet any particular level of demand — better return on investment

  • Robust and able to withstand rough treatment — last longer, earn more
  • Compact, lightweight — easy to stack, move around and transport
  • Work effectively at lower temperatures — can be rented out for more of the year
  • Low electricity consumption – users can run them for extended periods at low cost
  • Greater customer satisfaction

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