Product drying and storage


In many foodstuff and beverage production setups, the products have to be dried and stored. Without a controlled-humidity environment, you’ll probably have to deal with:


  • Inconsistent conditions for many aspects of your operations
  • Condensation and corrosion in both equipment and structures
  • Bacterial growths and mould
  • Damage to packaging, labels, barcodes, etc.
  • Increased product spoilage and waste, and reduced profit margins
  • Steep operating costs because of unnecessarily high energy consumption


Controlled humidity ensures better drying/storage conditions

Humidity challenges in drying and storing food/beverage products

Simple temperature differences between (for example) warmer ambient air from outside and temperatures inside your drying/storage facility can give rise to big practical difficulties, including customer complaints and logistics glitches that stem from damaged packaging and labels.

All air contains varying levels of invisible airborne moisture, and different combinations of dew point and humidity can result in this moisture condensing on equipment and storage structures, as well as on other fittings and building surfaces. Such condensation then gives rise to corrosion in both equipment and structures – as well as affecting your control over key conditions inside the facility.

Any condensation also means you’re more likely to encounter bacterial growths and mould. This unhygienic situation only gets worse with steam cleaning, which means there’s actually even more uncontrolled moisture present in the air.

Traditional ventilation and heating measures are never a real solution, as they have no effect on the actual dew point – the source of condensation and all its many knock-on effects.

Preventive action – getting rid of the problem

Cotes dehumidification systems enable your drying and storage facilities to maintain control over air conditions anywhere and everywhere – both during manufacture and processing, and while the resultant products are in storage, in whichever packaging or containers your operation uses.

World-renowned humidity management solutions from Cotes enable you to control the dew point of the air so that the basic laws of physics make it impossible for condensation – and any resulting product spoilage and damage – to arise.

This helps eliminate a key imponderable in a delicate process – the unseen and often ignored humidity that’s everywhere, fluctuating with the seasons and the weather.

Eliminating condensation-related problems can give you huge improvements in statistics for damaged or spoiled products and packaging, with huge savings – and greater customer satisfaction – to follow.

How you benefit

  • Ensure better-managed, consistent conditions for all aspects of drying and storing food/beverage products
  • Maintain better end-to-end control of air conditions throughout your drying and storage setup
  • Do away with problems caused by condensation and corrosion
  • Prevent damage to packaging, labels, barcodes, etc.
  • Reduce product spoilage and waste, and improve profit margins
  • Reduce operating costs because of lower energy consumption

How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Compact, robust and reliable
  • Available with automated precision control systems
  • Designed to comply with good hygiene practice
  • Energy-efficient, with minimal operating costs

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