Glass production


Glass production requires meticulous control of conditions. Any undesirable moisture present in the glass mass will often cause numerous problems, including:


  • Bubbles of steam inside the glass, spoiling the end product
  • An increase of products failing inspection, and more waste
  • Inconsistent production due to seasonal changes, weather and other phenomena
  • Less control of multiple processes and too many variations in product quality
  • Greater risk of downtime and higher maintenance costs


Controlled humidity reduces
quality fluctuations

Keeping moisture away

There are many different kinds of manufacturing and finishing techniques for glass and lenses, but they all require meticulous control of conditions. With modern quality control techniques – often featuring millions inspections per second and revealing flaws the human eye would never be able to see unaided – even the most minute defects can result in product rejection, waste and big dents in any manufacturer’s valuable brand reputation.

As just one example of humidity-related problems, any moisture present in the glass mass will boil as a result of the high temperatures, creating bubbles of steam inside the glass and spoiling the end product.

Effective glass production requires meticulous control of conditions, and has to include control of moisture present in the ambient air. Control is only ever as good as its weakest link.

Full control counts

Controlled humidity rolls back any elements of risk and uncertainty at every stage, enabling you to establish – and maintain – exactly appropriate environments for each stage of manufacturing laminated, tempered and float glass.

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are the easiest and most cost-effective way to remove undesirable and uncontrolled airborne moisture from any glass production or processing facility. This enables you to maintain consistent, controlled specifications, regardless of seasons, weather and other factors that influence the relative humidity of the surrounding air.

In the manufacture of multiple glazed units, Cotes dehumidifiers can also be used to remove any unwanted moisture from the particular gases used in the sealed gaps between each successive pane.

How you benefit

  • Stable, consistent glass production, regardless of seasonal changes, weather and other phenomena
  • Better control of multiple processes and fewer variations in product quality
  • Less risk of downtime and lower maintenance costs
  • Better end-to-end control of operating conditions – benefiting safety as well as profitability

How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Capable of removing uncontrolled humidity from very large volumes of air
  • Exceptional reliability, even in dangerous operating environments
  • Available with advanced monitoring and control systems for maximum flexibility
  • Available with a Cotes energy recovery module to minimise energy consumption

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