The quality of the air in hotel guest spaces is crucial for commercial success, but is often overlooked or neglected as a parameter in the overall experience.

Not managing humidity in your hotel facilities can lead to problems like:

  • Guests feeling uncomfortable in your establishment, without even knowing why
  • Higher energy costs for heating, ventilation and cooling
  • Health risks for guests and staff
  • Condensation accumulating on surfaces and in cavities, both visible and invisible
  • Greater likelihood of hygiene risks stemming from mould and fungi growth


Humidity, hospitality and comfort

Human activity = airborne humidity by the bucket load

Indoor spaces in hotels have to deal with a constant throughflow of people – often in inconsistent, somewhat unpredictable numbers and patterns, varying at different times of day and seasons of the year. Guests expect host venues to be pleasant places in which to spend time – and that air conditions don’t negatively affects what they wish to be doing.

People (and their many activities) constantly give off moisture. Any traditional attempts to deal with these large volumes of moisture in the air are frequently hampered by the constant, repeated opening of doors and windows – uncontrolled additional humidity from outside is always flowing in.

In practice, however, unpleasant levels of humidity usually have negative effects on enjoyment, efficiency and motivation in virtually all kinds of human activity – and the guests in your hotel won’t even know why “things don’t feel good”.

Uncontrolled airborne moisture can also easily end up condensing on surfaces and in cavities – both visible and invisible – and giving rise to mould and fungi growths. This creates environments that can be unhealthy as well as causing expensive, difficult-to-rectify damage to hotel walls, furnishings and fixtures.

Tackling the problem effectively

To help ensure consistently good approval ratings, hotel owners and operators need to pay close attention to every single element in the user experience – and the quality and specifications of the air throughout guest spaces is an often-neglected competitive parameter.

Traditional air conditioning and ventilation are never an answer, because they only deal with the temperature of the air – not the levels of humidity.

Energy-efficient Cotes adsorption dehumidification systems, on the other hand, make it possible to keep relative humidity at specified levels – completely automatically. This means you can boost ratings for guests’ overall sense of comfort and pleasure, as well as staff effectiveness and other key activities inside your hotel facilities.

How you benefit

  • Better control of air specifications
  • Greater user comfort and guest appreciation
  • Better working environment for staff
  • Greater efficiency in work processes of all kinds
  • Lower cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Lower energy costs for heating, ventilation and cooling processes

How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Attractive, modern industrial design that can be mounted in visible locations, if necessary
  • Low energy consumption, and can use thermal inputs from a wide range of heating, ventilation and cooling installations
  • Advanced control capabilities make it easy to match dehumidifier operations with changing circumstances and guest densities
  • Exceptional reliability, good return on investment


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