Ice rinks

Creating the best possible experience for spectators

Going to an ice rink has to be a good experience for guests, players and spectators alike. Owners and operators also have to keep operating costs down. You might have difficulties with both, if uncontrolled humidity causes:


  • Wet and uneven ice surfaces
  • Fog when the weather outside is warm
  • Problems with condensation and resulting corrosion
  • Dissatisfied sponsors, players and spectators
  • Higher costs for cleaning, maintenance and service


ice rinks with even surfaces

Humidity and ice quality

Uncontrolled airborne moisture affects everything

Ice rinks are very dependent on the quality of the ice – where all the action takes place – as well as the overall quality of the experience in public areas, spectator areas and changing rooms.

All of these can quickly be affected by warmer, moisture-laden air from outside condensing on the many intensely cold surfaces inside the inside rink structure.

Any resulting condensation dripping onto the ice – or onto players, spectators and other guests – has a big negative impact on the overall experience. Condensation on the transparent board surrounding the ice can even reduce visibility for the spectators.

Dealing with the source

Cotes dehumidifiers make it much easier to completely prevent such condensation and corrosion issues by controlling the dew point of the air – the point at which airborne moisture can change phase and condense into water.

By keeping the dew point within the facility to below (approx.) 5°C and ensuring a consistent relative humidity of less than 65%, it is possible to completely prevent condensation and mist from even forming – thus doing away with all the problems they cause.

This paves the way to eliminating condensation pooling on cold surfaces, with all the corrosion, safety and cleaning issues that stem from this. And doing away with condensation dripping onto the ice improves the quality of the core experience in an ice rink – possibly even impacting sporting results!

How you benefit

  • Better ice conditions with an even surface, which players and teams appreciate
  • Stable, controlled air conditions inside the venue, regardless of weather outside
  • Fewer problems with condensation and resulting corrosion
  • Greater spectator satisfaction
  • Improved sponsor/media satisfaction
  • Improved safety for spectators as well as staff and players
  • Reduced costs for cleaning, maintenance and service

How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Attractive, compact industrial design that can be mounted in plain sight, if needed
  • Can use thermal inputs from heating, ventilation and cooling installations, resulting in low energy costs
  • Advanced control capabilities enable you to match dehumidifier operations with changing circumstances, outside weather conditions and different spectator densities
  • Exceptional reliability, good return on investment


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