Sports facilities

Ensuring optimal conditions
for athletes and spectators

The boundaries between sport, entertainment, commercial interests, exercise and social life are becoming increasingly fluid, forcing today’s sports facilities to offer an increasing numbers of activities. This makes it more critical than ever for these facilities to have full control of airborne moisture.

Consequences of not doing so include:

  • Unpleasant conditions for sports activities of all kinds
  • Fewer opportunities for hosting new, sweat-intensive activities
  • Problems with bacteria and mould growth
  • Condensation that causes damage to structures, sports equipment, and fittings
  • Safety risks for staff and guests
  • High cleaning, service and maintenance costs

humidity inside indoor sports facilities

Humidity and the visitor experience

Uncontrolled airborne moisture affects everything

Modern sports facilities have to provide effective yet attractive backdrops for a vast range of sometimes seriously sweaty activities.

All this perspiration rapidly becomes large quantities of airborne moisture. And when this airborne moisture comes into contact with colder surfaces (such as windows, ceilings, pipes and ventilation equipment), it quickly turns into big amounts of condensation. Which is intensely impractical, looks unsightly and doesn’t exactly add to the ambience or up-market commercial aspirations. At the same time, condensation pooling in unwanted places is likely to give rise to day-to-day practical problems in addition to causing damage and mould growths on furniture, fixtures and fittings as well as key parts of a building’s structure. Floors and wall surfaces in particular.

There are sometimes also unwelcome safety issues that involve undesirable risk for the owner or operator of the facility, in addition to perhaps impacting the health and well-being of users.

Tackling the problem at source

Cotes dehumidifiers make it much easier for you to avoid and prevent such condensation problems. They do this by controlling the dew point of the air – the point at which the basic laws of physics make airborne moisture condense into water. This control paves the way to eliminating condensation pooling on cold surfaces, with all the structural damage, safety and cleaning issues that stem from this.

By keeping the relative humidity within key spaces below certain specified levels (usually approx. 65%), it’s possible to completely prevent condensation from even forming — and thus getting rid of the kinds of problems it gives.

How you benefit

  • More pleasant conditions for sports activities of all kinds
  • Better opportunities for hosting new, sweat-intensive activities
  • Stable, controlled air conditions inside the venue – regardless of weather outside
  • Fewer problems with condensation and with the resulting mould and damage to structures, sports equipment and fittings
  • Greater customer satisfaction/recommendation ratings
  • Lower costs for cleaning, service and maintenance
  • Improved safety for both users and staff

How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Attractive, compact industrial design that can be mounted in plain sight, if needed
  • Can use thermal inputs from heating, ventilation and cooling installations to ensure minimal energy costs
  • Advanced control capabilities enable you to match dehumidifier operations with changing circumstances, outside weather conditions and different user densities
  • Exceptional reliability that helps provide good return on investment


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