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People, their activities and their clothing release surprising amounts of unwanted moisture into the air. Humidity levels in schools, offices and administrative buildings can be greatly affected by people continually going in and out, in inconsistent and unpredictable patterns.

Uncontrolled humidity in these places can give you problems like:

  • A lack of comfort for students or employees that can lead to a lack of concentration, efficiency and motivation
  • Damage to walls, furnishings and fixtures
  • High energy costs for heating, ventilation and cooling
  • Condensation that could cause mould and fungal growths
  • High cleaning and maintenance costs


Human activity = airborne humidity by the bucket load

Indoor environments in places like offices, schools and buildings used for administration of all types can be heavily affected by lots of people entering and leaving – often in inconsistent, unpredictable flows, with significantly varying patterns at different times of day and seasons of the year.

The many users of such facilities have natural expectations about such buildings being pleasant to be in. Any lack of comfort and/or concentration stemming from unpleasant levels of humidity can affect learning, efficiency and motivation in virtually any kinds of human activity.

Uncontrolled airborne moisture can also easily end up condensing on surfaces and in cavities – both visible and invisible – and giving rise to mould and fungi growths. This creates potentially unhealthy environments as well as causing costly damage to walls, furnishings and fixtures.

People (and their many activities) constantly give off moisture, regardless of what they’re doing. Any traditional attempts to deal with these large volumes of moisture in the air are frequently hampered by the constant, repeated opening of doors and windows, which means uncontrolled additional humidity enters from outside.

Traditional air conditioning and ventilation aren’t an answer, because they only deal with the temperature of the air – not the levels of humidity.


Energy-efficient Cotes adsorption dehumidification systems, on the other hand, make it possible to automatically keep relative humidity at particular specified levels. This means you can easily boost comfort, job effectiveness, learning and many other key activities inside facilities of these types.

How you benefit

  • Better control of air specifications
  • Greater comfort and better concentration for tenants, students and other users
  • Better working environment for staff
  • Greater efficiency in work processes of all kinds
  • Lower cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Lower energy costs for heating, ventilation and cooling processes

How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Attractive, compact industrial design that can be mounted in plain sight, if needed
  • Can use thermal inputs from heating, ventilation and cooling installations, resulting in low energy costs
  • Advanced control capabilities enable you to match dehumidifier operations with changing circumstances and different user densities
  • Exceptional reliability, good return on investment


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