Onshore wind turbines

Preventing corrosion
during transportation and storage

Uptime is essential for the revenue and profitability of wind turbines. But they often operate in places where accessibility is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. The challenges you face might well include:


  • Moist air laden with corrosive particles getting into nacelles and towers
  • Corrosion during transport and storage
  • Moisture-related problems with structures, coatings, mechanicals and electronics
  • Service interruptions that impact revenue and ROI
  • Keeping nacelles and towers in good condition until ready for assembly

Out in the open

Wind turbines often operate in places where accessibility is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

The nacelles and towers of these wind turbines – whether for installation onshore and offshore – often spend a long time getting to site, out in the open on trucks, rail cars, barges, ship decks, storage areas and quaysides, where they’re exposed to fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions.

Airborne moisture and operating reliability don’t mix

While the nacelles and towers are under transport, combinations of airborne moisture and corrosive acidic salts (whether from nearby stretches of sea water or from normal atmospheric pollution) cause corrosion, as well as often giving rise to condensation and bacterial growth.

This then leads to problems with structures, coatings, mechanicals and electronics, all contributing to problems with commissioning as well as subsequent service interruptions that impact revenue and ROI.

Controlled humidity eliminates problems

Cotes dehumidifiers make it easier to prevent such issues of this kind by controlling the dew point of the air, and also filtering out the majority of any corrosive salts that may be present.

Specialised Cotes Wind dehumidifiers provide the easiest and most effective way to guard against and limit the combined effects of moisture and corrosive salts inside the nacelles and towers of wind turbines.

These dehumidifiers also ideal for keeping nacelles and towers – and the costly equipment inside them – in peak condition while in storage and en route to the erection site, regardless of how long it takes and of conditions while under way.

This gives you big savings on commissioning as well as rolling back maintenance and service costs.

How you benefit

  • Moist, salt-laden air prevented from entering nacelles and towers
  • Effective, reliable corrosion protection during transport and storage
  • Nacelles and towers kept in from-the-factory condition until ready for erection
  • Maintaining specifications of nacelles and towers until erection and commissioning

How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Small, lightweight units that can be installed virtually anywhere in nacelles and towers
  • Ideal for mounting inside nacelles and towers during transport and storage
  • Exceptionally robust – can withstand considerable movement and jostling while under transport
  • Control systems that can turn the dehumidifiers on and off automatically to react to specific parameters

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