Onshore wind turbines

Dehumidifiers for use in onshore wind turbines

Cotes Wind dehumidifiers are specially configured to deal with the levels of humidity encountered inside modern wind turbines. The design is based on the fact that any salt present in air will crystallise if the relative humidity is low enough, and that salt in the form of crystals can then be captured in appropriate types of filter. They therefore feature large, specially designed filter cassettes with an exceptionally long service life, configured to match the service intervals for the wind turbines themselves.

How it works

The combined dehumidifier/desalter setup in the Cotes Wind unit works by mixing the moisture-laden, salty air entering the turbine with dry air. This then makes the water component in the sea water droplets evaporate, leaving the salts behind in crystalline form. These crystals are like dry dust, making it much easier to filter them out.

The special design of these units features a filter cassette with an exceptionally large filter area as well as an unusually long service life. This prevents the filters from getting blocked by wet, often salt-laden air.

These compact, lightweight dehumidifiers are specially configured for installation inside the nacelles and towers of wind turbines. Their small size and limited weight make it easy to mount these units even when space is tight.

They are also remarkably reliable, providing operators with full control of humidity conditions in order to maximise uptime and revenue. The dehumidifier is automatically turned on and off in order to maintain any designated relative humidity set point, as required to meet the desired conditions.

large scale wind turbines

The CR240BW and CR400BW models, are designed for use in locations with exceptionally high levels of humidity, and for installation in the new generations of significantly larger wind turbines.

Transport and storage

The Cotes Wind CR80B model is in widespread use worldwide, especially for maintaining stable, controlled humidity conditions in most normal-sized wind turbines during transport and storage.

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