Shipping spaces and machinery rooms 


Shipping spaces and machinery rooms

It’s pretty much a given that cargo and equipment will get seriously wet during shipboard operations. If you store or put such often-expensive equipment away wet, you’re likely to encounter issues such as:


  • Humidity-related damage to cargo as well as to important machinery and equipment
  • Increased customer complaints and insurance claims about damaged cargo• Condensation that can lead to the growth of mould and bacteria
  • Shorter service life, higher overall operating costs and poorer return on investment
  • Increased service and maintenance costs


humidity in maritime storage facilities

Controlled humidity means
less risk of cargo damage

Humidity challenges for shipboard storage
and machinery spaces

Cargoes – as well as just about everything else – aboard ships and boats get wet. And because there’s rarely any easy way to get them dry again, ideal conditions for the growth of mould and bacteria then arise quickly. Cargoes deteriorate and get damaged, impacting their value and seriously displeasing both shippers and recipients as well as their end-user customers.

Seawater also contains corrosive salts. High levels of humidity and any pooling of water and in enclosed spaces are a prime source of corrosion of surfaces, fittings and equipment – often in difficult-to-access places, like lockers, tanks and tucked-away cavities.

Deckborne cargo, is, of course, exceptionally exposed, while containers and cargoes in holds are almost always vulnerable and in contact with corrosive airborne humidity.

Eliminating the problem

Corrosion flourishes in high-humidity, enclosed spaces, and especially so in the presence of salt-laden sea water. And once cargoes, structures, fittings and equipment are affected and have begun to deteriorate, it’s usually expensive and difficult to do much about it.

That’s why prevention is much better than cure. Cotes dehumidifiers make it much easier to do away with corrosion issues of this kind of by controlling the dew point of the air inside virtually any enclosed space. Because of the basic laws of physics, corrosion simply cannot take place if the relative humidity of the air inside a particular space is kept below 65% at 20oC.

This enables you to completely abolish with any humidity-related corrosion problems you may be encountering in maritime storage setups.

How you benefit


  • Prevent humidity-related damage to cargoes as well as to important machinery and equipment
  • Fewer customer complaints and insurance claims about damaged cargoes
  • Longer service life, lower overall operating costs and better return on investment
  • Reduced service and maintenance cost


How Cotes solutions stand out

  • Compact and versatile – you can fit them in just about anywhere
  • Built for toughness – long service life
  • Easy to operate, easy to service
  • Low energy consumption

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