Uniform storage facilities


The uniforms, clothing and other equipment used by military, paramilitary and emergency services personnel often get wet – whether from weather or the environment in which they have to do their jobs. If these kinds of often-expensive equipment are also put away still wet – or even just damp – they easily get damaged and spoiled, while their serviceability and durability suffer.

Controlled humidity means greater availability for operations

Uniform storage meets humidity challenges

Uniforms, clothing and other equipment used by military, paramilitary and emergency services personnel have a natural tendency to get wet – and the operating environments they have to work in mean it’s often difficult to get such wet equipment dry again.

Putting such gear away wet in enclosed spaces such as lockers and cupboards encourages the growth of mould and bacteria. And this in turn quickly impacts both the appearance and specification-compliance of expensive materiel, as well as reducing durability and serviceability.

And smelly, unpleasant uniforms and equipment that aren’t easy to put on, aren’t comfortable to wear and don’t work as intended are never good for personal motivation, general morale or unit effectiveness.

Eliminating the problem

Uniforms and other clothing and equipment put away and stored wet quickly begin to smell musty and stale. Worse still, they often begin to deteriorate because of the effects – often hardly visible – of mould and bacteria.

That’s why prevention is so much better than cure. Cotes dehumidifiers make it much easier to completely prevent issues of this kind of by controlling the dew point of the air. The basic laws of physics mean mould and bacteria problems are highly unlikely if relative humidity is controlled and kept below 65% at 20oC.

This enables you to completely abolish any humidity-related problems you may be encountering in your organisation’s uniform and equipment storage setups.


  • Better control of air conditions in areas where you store and work on uniforms and other wet equipment
  • Better control of conditions in changing rooms and uniform storage facilities
  • Greater personnel satisfaction and better unit morale
  • Greater equipment availability and serviceability
  • Lower overall operating costs and better return on investment

How Cotes solutions stand out

Cotes solutions for tackling undesirable humidity in uniform storage areas are
  • Compact and versatile – you can fit them in just about anywhere
  • Built for toughness and long service life
  • Easy to operate, easy to service
  • Low energy consumption


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