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Vehicles and other equipment used in commercial and military operations often get exposed to a wide range of weather conditions and operating environments. If they’re parked and garaged wet, and kept in humid conditions, you can quickly end up with:


  • Corrosion and other humidity-related damage to structures, fittings and equipment
  • Reductions in equipment availability and in response times
  • Higher energy consumption and increased overall operating costs
  • Significantly higher service and maintenance costs


humidity in vehicle and equipment storage

greater availability for operations

Humidity challenges in vehicle and equipment storage

Vehicles and the many other types of equipment used in commercial and military operations often have to be out in harsh weather and tough operating environments. And it’s not always possible to clean and dry off such equipment before parking it and putting it away – whether for long or short periods.

Wet, humid conditions – frequently with corrosive additives such as ice-preventing salt and atmospheric pollutants mixed in – will often mean that metal surfaces and exposed parts begin to rust and corrode. Especially when stored for longer periods in conditions featuring uncontrolled humidity.

Such corrosion quickly leads to downtime, lack of availability and escalating maintenance costs, as well as impacting the service life of key equipment. And thus the overall return on investment.


Eliminating the problem

Temperature differences between hot or cold materials and the surrounding air provide a good basis for metal corrosion as well as having negative effects on mechanicals and electronics. This can in turn impact both operational readiness and reliability.

Cotes dehumidifiers make it much easier for you to completely prevent corrosion issues of this kind of by controlling the point at which the water vapour in the air inside your garage or storage facility condenses (the dew point). The basic laws of physics mean corrosion cannot occur if relative humidity is kept below 65% at 20oC.

This enables you to do away with any humidity-related corrosion problems you may be encountering in your vehicle and equipment storage setup. It also paves the way to greater equipment availability and faster response times.

How you benefit

  • Better control of air conditions where you shelter, store and work on vehicles and equipment
  • Preventing corrosion and other humidity-related damage in structures, fittings and equipment
  • Greater equipment availability and more rapid response times
  • Lower energy consumption and reduced overall operating costs
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs

How Cotes solutions stand out

Cotes solutions for tackling undesirable humidity in vehicle and equipment storage areas are
  • Compact and versatile – you can fit them in just about anywhere
  • Built for toughness and long service life
  • Easy to operate, easy to service
  • Low energy consumption

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