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Multi-Functional Dehumidifier turns o protecting classic cars

Lars Westgaard initially purchased a Cotes CR290B dehumidifier when he was building a new house with a big concrete garage underneath. Since then, he has been able to put this small dehumidifier to serveral different purposes.

“In the beginning, we used the dehumidifier o dry out the structure once the concrete had cured properly. After we’d put in new floors with under-floor heating, we placed the dehumidifier inside the house to help dry it out,” Westgaard explains.

“The new concrete floor, extending over an area of about 120 square metres, dried out fine, even though the winter weather meant there were icicles on the ceiling when the drying started. Even though the roof is 3.5 metres in height, it took lees than a week before the walls were dry to the touch,” says Westgaard.

While Westgaard was busy building and finishing this new house, the dehumidifier also became in handy in the basement apartment that he had rented to see him through the winter after selling his previous house.

This rented apartment had cracks in the floor, which resulted in moisture seeping up from the ground below. After drying out the apartment with the help of his Cotes dehumidifier, and then sealing off the concrete properly, the unfortunate “basement smell” disappeared. Even without continuing to use the dehumidifier, the apartment remained dry and livable.

Westgaard’s multi-functional dehumidifier is now back in his garage, and the plan is for it to remain there. This is where Westgaard keeps his collection of classic cars and the relative humidity must not exceed 45% if these are to remain in pristine condition. “This dehumidifier unit has been so easy to use,” says Westgaard. “It really is just a question of ‘plug and play’!”

“ This dehumidifier
unit has been so easy
to use. It really is just
a question of ‘plug
and play’!”

Lars Westgaard, Classic car collector

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