Controlled conditions

Uncertainty and lack of control are never a good thing in industrial or commercial operations. Adsorption dehumidification technology puts you in control over an important invisible parameter — the levels of moisture in the air. The humidity.

Prevention better than cure

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers enable you to establish full control over humidity conditions in important structures, equipment and processes, eliminating problems, saving on costs and boosting profit margins on your activities.

We control the humidity, so you can control everything else.

Costs and energy

In just about any industry, controlling unwanted humidity can bring knock-on reductions in operating expenditure in many areas, simply by preventing glitches, reducing downtime and rolling back service and maintenance costs. Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are also renowned for helping clients reduce energy consumption in other aspects of their operations.

Help with your issues

Cotes adsorption dehumidifiers are designed and configured to help you tackle real-world practical issues with your business and your operations. We’re one of the world’s leading experts in this particular technology — talk to a Cotes expert about how best we can help.

Buildings and public facilities

Construction and civil engineering

Defence operations

Engineering and machinery

Food and beverage production

Manufacturing and industrial processing

Recreational venues

Storage facilities

Utilities operations

Wind turbines